Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Novel identity

You may be one of many folks currently going through change and trying to discover a new identity. It may be that your old identity was linked to a relationship which has gone sour or no longer exists. If you have recently gone through a divorce of breakdown in your marriage, you may be asking who you really are. Adopting a new identity as a single person or single parent could be quite challenging. You do need some tools to help you discover and embrace a new identity.

On the other hand, you might have lost an identity that was linked to a job that is no longer yours. It could also be an identity linked to a status that you no longer have. Loss of identity is often linked to something very valuable that we have had for a substantial period of time. If you are newly retired, you might be seeking for a new identity that is not linked to your former job.

If you are in your teenage years, you may be searching for a new identity that is not linked to your parents' way of life. This stage which is normally referred to as identity crisis is normal. You need to really discover who you really are as you step into young adulthood.

Searching for a new identity is a common occurence in transitional stages of our lives.

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